arketing Strategies, Inc. Advertising & PR is a full-service marketing and PR firm offering an integrated approach to marketing, advertising, public relations, and interactive and social media.

Sound like all of the other advertising agencies? Think again! We realize that every business is unique, and the strategy that makes one successful, will most likely not work for the next.  What’s more, the game is constantly changing—your competition and our industry. We have to stay on top of our game to keep you on top of yours!

Grand Masters? Oh yeah, we’ve been recognized nationwide for our award-winning ad campaigns and PR activities.  We have the awards to prove it, and clients who retain us on an average of eight years—no kidding! 

Twice we’ve received the nation’s most prestigious public relations award, the Herbruck-Fritsche Award, and that for five consecutive years, we have been honored as “One of the Southeast’s Ten Most Reliable Web Design Firms”.  Without doubt, we checkmate the competition.

We’re proud of our accomplishments, but most of all we’re proud to work with clients who appreciate us and recognize the value we bring to their business.

It’s your move. Want to know more about us?  Just ask. Interested to see what we can do for you?  Let’s talk.